In case you missed tonight’s episode of Weeds, Nancy presented Silas with a Hydroplex Spinner in a motherly attempt to squash the beef the two have had recently over splitting up the family business and going their separate ways. Distributed by Fort Knox Hydro in Newport Beach, the stackable, energy-efficient, hydroponic grow apparatus has always been on my list of things I must own since, getting

For the grower with space concerns there are many benefits to owning these spinning gardens. From being able to stack 3 units at just under 9ft to the 360º plant rotation that ensures equal light distribution. In fact, ever since its debut hydroponic gardeners fortunate enough to be able to buy the system have given it excellent user reviews, not to mention its design inspires hope of whats to come in the future for personal and industrial hydroponic gardening.the opportunity to see one in person at Hemp Con a few years back.

Tonight’s cameo appearance on Weeds is nothing new for the Newport Beach, CA manufacturing and distribution company who has been featured on the cover of High Times magazine and even in a Music Video. In fact, I think seeing the Spinner was the highlight of tonight’s show which has lost touch with its California roots by moving the characters to NYC (a Non Medical Marijuana State) and missing an opportunity to educate the vast public on the marijuana movement, something the show seemed to be inline with in earlier seasons.

For more information in the Hydroplex Spinner you can visit Fort Knox Hydro (